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Webinar: New UL325 7th Edition: All you need to know
Effective August 1, 2018

HySecurity has you covered with a training on what changes and what stays the same. Join John Allen and Daniel Butler for a webinar that tells you what you need to know.

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West Coast Regional
Fence Show'18

Join us in booth# 209! Come and partake in the latest in products, goods, and services the fence industry has to offer from all the major manufacturers, distributors and suppliers.

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HySecurity Academy
HySecurity / Nice bundles Premium Sensors

All SlideDriver (222) and SlideSmart DC slide gate operators are now bundled with one premium EMX IRB-MON photo eye and one 5-foot premium ASO edge sensor (and a pre-wired Hy2NC adapter). SwingSmart DC operators come bundled with one premium EMX IRB MON through-beam photo eye.

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New Accessory

Give yourself a reliable edge...

An ASO Edge.These highly engineered, simple and rugged edge sensors give installers and their customers peace of mind.

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