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Gee, that was Easy

Put money in your pocket with a FREE photo eye and FREE edge sensor
included with every SlideSmart DC, SwingSmart DC and SlideDriver.*


It's easy to connect safety devices to a
SmartTouch or Smart DC operator.

View this webinar - learn to connect sensors and accessories to
HySecurity operators.

  1. Install and configure an EMX photo eye
  2. Install and configure a wired edge sensor using GEM-104
  3. Install and configure a wireless edge sensor using EMX WEL-200K

 * Standard green 15, 30F, 40 or 50VF2/3 SlideDriver models only. Limited quantity of photo eyes & edges available, at participating distributors only.


What you need to know:

Q1: How do I get my free edge and eye?
Q2: What photo eye/edge will I receive?
Q3: How long will this promotion last?
Q4: Do I need to install both a photo eye and edge on every operator?

Early Participating Distributors ...

SAS – Dallas TX, Houston TX,
San Antonio TX

R3 – Philadelphia PA
Jamieson – Dallas TX, Houston TX
LDI – Baton Rouge LA
Capital Wholesale – Nashville TN
Gates and Controls – Seattle WA, Spokane WA,  Sacramento CA,
Portland OR
CPSG – Tempe AZ
Pro Access – Marietta GA
Access Distribution Centre – Tampa FL

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