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UL 325 Resources

Important UL 325 – 2016 Software Update. HySecurity Operators – Simplified.
Way back in the year 2000, UL 325 was significantly revised to better address the requirements for automated gates and the industry was transformed for the better by these significant changes!
UL 325-2016 FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions regarding UL 325-2016 changes and the monitored entrapment protection sensors requirement.
HySecurity UL 325 Recommended Sensors
Reference chart of HySecurity recommended SENSORS
UL 325-2016, Monitored Entrapment Wiring Diagrams
This document supplies site planning scenarios and reference tables that help explain the UL 325-2016 requirements for monitoring of external entrapment protection sensors.

UL 325 6th Edition Installer Training Video
UL 325 6th Edition Installer, Distributor and End User training. Learn how to ensure that your gate installation meets the new gate safety standard, how to keep your customers safe, and limit your company liability. Specifics on how HySecurity gate operators help you easily conform to the standard.

DASMA Gate Safety Brochure
This brochure accompanies your Automated Vehiclular Gate System and provides an overview of safety and general design considerations that should be implemented at your site.

HySecurity Important Safety Instructions
Hazards, associated with automatic gates, can be reduced with proper site design, installation, and use. Installers, maintenance crews, and owners/users must read and follow the safety requirements found in the HySecurity product manuals. View additional instructions below.