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NEW UFC World Headquarters 
Las Vegas, Nevada

HydraSwing 40 Twin
Installed by: Red Star Fence, March 2017
Las Vegas, NV
Installer Specializations: Fencing, miscellaneous, and specialty metalwork
Tell us about your company: At Red Star Fence our only limitation is your imagination. My team of experienced craftsmen are trained to deliver exceptional Ornamental Iron.At Red Star, we can custom manufacture any fence, any shape to your order.
Site remarks: The Ultimate Fighting Championship came to us to fabricate the gate to their design specifications and to choose a high reliability gate operator. Gate designed with mesh in lower panel to prevent access and reduce gate resistance.
Why was this operator chosen: UFC wanted robust and secure swing gates that would last, require little maintenance and easily handle the often high winds we experience in Las Vegas. HydraSwing met those demands and more.
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