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Trucking and Transportation
Canada, ON

HydraLift 10F and StrongArmPark DC
Installed by: Advanced Entry Systems
of Canada

Bolton, Ontario
Specializations: Advanced Entry Systems of Canada offers innovative solutions for gate systems, telephone/intercom entry systems, access and parking control, as well as gate hardware.
Tell us about your company: With over 20 years’ experience, along with support from the world’s largest manufacturers’, AES can facilitate any automation system to meet the needs of all clients and configurations.
Site remarks: HYDRALIFT 10F FAST is a powerful, FAST, industrial grade, hydraulic vertical lift gate operator. The 24 ft standard post height lifts an 8 ft tall, max 50 ft wide, 1,000 lb gate panel at 2 ft/s with ease.
Why was this operator chosen: Customer wanted the prestige look of a vertical lift gate at their facility.
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