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Introducing the Hy5B Vehicle Detector by Megan McBride - HySecurity
StrongArmPark DC kill switch standard by Megan McBride- Marketing
HySecurity Expands UL 325 Sensor List by Megan McBride - HySecurity
Relay Technical Support Discontinued by Sara Grim, HySecurity Marketing Manager

Partner News
Pro Access is relocating by HySecurity Marketing

Industry News
UL 325 6th Edition Introduction by Richard Woltjer, HySecurity VP of Marketing

WedgeSmart DC
HySecurity Regional Tech Training

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United States Deputy Wardens Association Conference

July 2017

The United States Deputy Wardens Association (USDWA) is the only professional organization focused on the nation’s Deputy, Associate, and Assistant Wardens

TITAN12L Lunch and Learn - Tempe

August 2017

Join Rob Kerben, Regional Sales Manager

TITAN12L Lunch and Learn - Dallas

August 2017

Join Michael Landino, Regional Sales Manager

HySecurity Operator Training - Stockbridge

August 2017

Join David Whortan, Regional Sales Manager