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Introducing the Hy5B Vehicle Detector by Megan McBride - HySecurity
StrongArmPark DC kill switch standard by Megan McBride- Marketing
HySecurity Expands UL 325 Sensor List by Megan McBride - HySecurity

Industry News
UL 325 6th Edition Introduction by Richard Woltjer, HySecurity VP of Marketing

HySecurity News
Take Me out to the Ball Game by Daniel Butler, HySecurity Training Manager

WedgeSmart DC
HySecurity Regional Tech Training

Upcoming Events


Lunch and Learn at SAS Baton Rouge

March 2018

Lunch and Learn training Southwest Automated Security in Baton Rouge. This training will cover
changes to UL325 effective 8/2018, SDC/STC programming and START software, HY5B loop detector
and Nice Titan12L installation and programming

PSA TEC 2018

March 2018

Join HySecurity in Booth #224 at TEC, presented by PSA Security Network. 

CPSG Seattle - 2nd Annual St. Paddy's Day Party

March 2018

Join Controlled Products Systems Group for their 2nd annual St. Patrick's Day celebration. 

Lunch and Learn at Multi Sales - La Palma, CA

March 2018

Product Training Multi Sales in La Palma, CA covering TITAN12L, Smart DC, UL 325 Monitored Safety Devices and more.