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A Year of EED Adventures & Accomplishments

by Kimberly A. Dobb, Electronic Entry Distributors
2104 has come and gone but WOW there were some exciting adventures and accomplishments throughout the year, including the partnership with HySecurity that grew ever stronger with every training session they promoted with EED.

Each training session provided a great synergy between HySecurity, EED and our partners; building brand loyalty, product knowledge and strong relationships!

In addition to the training session, the Summer Sizzle that was promoted brought success to both EED and HySecurity; advising our partners of manufacturer’s rebates as well as EED’s promotional offer contributed to strong product growth through the summer.   

While our Atlanta Branch was busy celebrating its one year Anniversary in August the HySecurity three day training seminar hosted in October in Atlanta fell at a perfect time! Our new Partners were eager to attend the training seminar and enjoyed a lunch hosted by EED during the first day of the event.

Electronic Entry Distributor is busy behind the scenes gearing up for FenceTech February 3rd through the 6th so make sure you check out the Super Heroes at booth 1436!

Did you say HySecurity Spring Training! EED’s crew is excited about the HySecurity training event in March in Washington, our new Dallas Branch Manager Joe Flentye, Tampa Customer Service Representative Marcus Carter and our Business Development Specialist Kimberly Dobb will be attending, eagerly waiting to become “certified” and bracing themselves for the wet and cold that is typical of Washington that time of year, bundle up all.

You can now follow Electronic Entry Distributors on LinkedIn and Facebook! Keep informed on exciting news and events and stay tuned for further stories right here at HySecurity!

Kimberly A. Dobb