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Anti-Terrorist Vehicle Barrier HydraWedge™ SM50 Premieres at ASIS 2015

by Richard Woltjer, HySecurity VP of Marketing
HySecurity’s HydraWedge SM50 and StrongArm M30 made a huge splash among the 30,000 ASIS security show attendees at the Anaheim Convention Center in September.

“ASIS is a very important place for HySecurity to show its latest and greatest high security products,” says Pete Haikio, HySecurity VP of Sales. There were few moments when our sales and engineering staff weren’t demonstrating HydraWedge and StrongArm M30 for government, military or industrial security professionals. ASIS is always an important HySecurity show, but this year we hit a home run exhibiting two unique and impressive crash vehicle barrier products.”

See HydraWedge SM50 crash test video here 

Emergency Fast Operate Deters Perimeter Breach

Operating HydraWedge at super-fast, one-second EFO speed turned heads. The highly engineered wedge design combined with HySecurity’s renowned and ultra-reliable hydraulics and advanced digital controls wowed audiences. “We kept hearing comments like, ‘Incredible,’ and ‘Finally someone did it right,’” says Nick Valdez, HySecurity specification engineer.  HydraWedge SM50’s 12-inch shallow mount, compact hydraulics, intelligent controls and the smallest, least expensive and easy to install foundation appealed to C-level security attendees who said they have been disappointed with existing crash wedge products that are typically overbuilt, deep mount, unreliable and require high maintenance.

“HydraWedge transports HySecurity into the mainstream vehicle barrier market,” says HySecurity VP of Marketing, Richard Woltjer, “and it brings with it, HySecurity’s reputation for highest reliability and functionality. HydraSupply XL and HySecurity’s common platform Smart Touch™ Controller come with an unequalled five-year warranty, assuring end users of the highest reliability crash wedges in the industry.”

“We don’t introduce new products before their time,” says HySecurity owner and President Brian DeNault. “HydraWedge SM50 is the result of a year-long R&D effort and powerfully leverages our potent hydraulic and controls strengths. I could not be more impressed with the HydraWedge ASIS premiere last month. Our deep market research and engineering design is paying off in exceptional interest, leads and promising first installations.

HydraWedge SM50

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