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HySecurity 3 Day Technical Training Seminar in Atlanta, GA

by HySecurity
HySecurity’s first East Coast 3 day Technical Training seminar was held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Atlanta, GA on October 8 – 10, 2014.

The first two days of training focused on the HySecurity family of gate operators, demystifying the capabilities and power of the Smart Touch Controller, hands-on with START software, vehicular induction loops, gate safety – UL325 and ASTM F2200, hydraulics, troubleshooting, and SlideDriver/SmartDC installation & product training. 
The third day of training was the StrongArm M30 crash authorization installation training.  Classroom presentation provided product knowledge and industry background followed by hands-on sessions with foundation setup, M30 upper & lower arm installation, mechanical and electrical adjustments as well as operational considerations.
HySecurity StrongArm M30, SlideDriver, SwingSmart DC, SlideSmart DC, StrongArmPark DC gate operators were used in the training session and a look ahead to HySecurity’s new products currently in beta testing were on display – WedgeSmart DC (parking wedge) , HyNet (TCP/IP network ethernet adapter) and the HyInverter AC UPS battery backup solution.
All of the lunches, beverages and pastries were hosted by a cadre of southeast regional HySecurity distributors which included:  Access Distribution Centre, Electronic Entry Distributors, GateKeepers, Pro Access Systems, Securitech International Inc, Southwest Automated Security, Securitech International Inc, and Jamieson Fence Supply.  A big Thank You for their continued support.
Attended by distributors, installer/dealers, and end users, David Whortan, HySecurity’s SE Regional Sales Manager rated the sold out training event a smashing success.  Not wanting to miss out on the fun, even the company’s owner, Brian DeNault instructed the class sessions on Smart Touch Controller, START Software and Gate Safety.