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HySecurity Expands UL 325 Sensor List

by Megan McBride - HySecurity
HySecurity has expanded the list of UL 325 external entrapment protection sensors. These sensors are approved by an independent testing laboratory (ETL) to meet UL 325 6th Edition requirements when wired to our operators.

Recommended vs. Compatible Sensors
HySecurity recommends many sensors on the attached list. These sensors have been shown in testing to provide the best performance when installed with HySecurity operators. HySecurity supports installers who install recommended sensors with device specific wiring diagrams and comprehensive technical support. “Compatible Sensors” are still certified to meet UL 325 6th edition installation with HySecurity operators. Contact the sensor manufacturer for specific recommendations for use.

The Future of UL 325
UL 325 is scheduled for another update in August, 2018. We will keep you informed on how this update may affect your installation practices in the future.