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Introducing the Hy5B Vehicle Detector

by Megan McBride - HySecurity
Our simple, yet advanced vehicle detector, the Hy5B, is now available. Simplify vehicle detector installation, get powerful loop diagnostics and detect motorcycles to 18 wheelers.

 No other detector offers these formidable installer and end user benefits:
  • Easy toolless installation
  • Counts vehicles including tailgaters
  • Low power draw for solar applications
  • Automatic gate compensation - allows higher sensitivity
  • Best-in-class loop diagnostics - monitors three different metrics to determine overall loop health
  • Automatic sensitivity assures optimum performance - no dials or dip switches to set
Like the Hy5A, it’s a HySecurity proprietary detector. Only gate operators with the Smart Touch™ or Smart DC™ controllers get the above benefits. And like the Hy5A, it offers unrivaled reliability.

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