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HySecurity HyNet™: Gate Connectivity and Integration Redefined

by HySecurity
HyNet™, connects you to your intelligent HySecurity gate operator. Whether you’re an end user or installer, having online, remote access to your gate offers convenience and critical security. HyNet delivers both.

Did you ever want to know that your facility perimeter is secure whether or not you’re present at the facility?

Did you ever need to troubleshoot a malfunctioning gate from across the city, country or anywhere in the world?

If you want to lock down your facility from distance when a condition threatens your site, you’ll be able to operate, program, test functionality, or lock down your gate operator with your Smart Phone, Pad, Laptop or desktop internet connected computer.

OR, when a security breach condition occurs at one of your gates, your internet connected HySecurity gate operator will contact you, the Security Director, and or the on-site enterprise security command center in real time, giving you time and intelligence to respond quickly and appropriately.

How does this help installers?

HyNet reduces warranty costs, end user service calls, allows service technicians to troubleshoot from a distance, and often prevents unneeded travel and time expense when a malfunctioning gate is the result of simple site conditions. More importantly, it allows technicians to re-secure a critically important access control point quickly.

HyNet simplifies and amplifies a service technician’s ability to maintain a gate BEFORE a hardware or site condition prevents the gate from operating. It does this by communicating many operator, gate or accessory symptoms before they cause the gate to fail.

HyNet plugs into any HySecurity operator, from HySecurity’s anti-terrorist crash operators to its commercial and residential operators, dramatically increasing peace of mind and security, all while containing service and maintenance costs.

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