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Relay Technical Support Discontinued

by Sara Grim, HySecurity Marketing Manager
Effective Immediately - HySecurity no longer provides technical support for relay operators manufactured prior to 2001

Relay controlled operators do not comply with the current UL 325 safety standard and cannot be upgraded to meet that standard. Relay-controlled operators are obsolete and should be decommissioned.

Relay Parts Inventory discontinued
Available until stock depleted

HySecurity will no longer supply electrical parts specific to relay-controlled hydraulic operators when current supplies are exhausted. HySecurity continues to supply electric motors and hydraulic parts that are common with current model operators.

Operators Affected
All Hydraulic Operators manufactured before year 2001. 
  • SlideDriver
  • StrongArm
  • SwingRiser
  • HydraLift
Relay OperatorTo determine the year of manufacture, locate the silver serial number sticker on the outside of the operator. On newer models there will be a "Date" field with the manufacture date. On older models, reference the serial number. See the photo example. Serial number 6AB458-1118-690. The first two numbers in the second set of numbers identifies the machine as built in 2011.

Safety is Paramount
HySecurity strongly recommends decommissioning relay-based operators and replacing them with Smart Touch controlled operators to meet the current UL 325 6th Edition safety standard, effective January 12, 2016.  Operators that comply with the current UL 325 standard have entrapment protection [and other features] that are designed to prevent serious injuries to persons, such as children, who may be playing on the gate or near it when it is operated.

Hydraulic, relay-controlled operators range from 15 to 30 years old and are obsolete.

HySecurity Recommends
HySecurity highly recommends that end users and installers decommission all manufacturers relay machines and replace them with Smart Touch Controller-based operators. These machines meet all industry Safety standards AND provide substantial additional user-benefits including troubleshooting alerts, many more operational programming options and intelligent plug in loop detectors.

HySecurity accepts no responsibility, implied or expressed, for claims arising from continued use of pre-2001 relay controlled operators.