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New STC Display

by HySecurity
HySecurity is upgrading the Smart Touch Controller display and keypad across the entire HySecurity product line so it's easier for you to install and train on all HySecurity industrial hydraulic operators.

Introduction of the STC Display is as noted below. 
  • SlideDriver™ - End of May 2014
  • StrongArm™ - November 2014
  • StrongArmCRASH™ - November 2014
  • HydraSwing™ - January 1, 2015
More Characters Abolish Cryptic Code
Two lines of sixteen English characters and numbers each simplifies setup, programming and operator troubleshooting. You will no longer need a code cheat sheet to interpret the former 7 Segment font display. Although the operator brains are the same, the thirty-two character display now clearly spells out menus and operations.  
Easy to Read & Ready for Extreme Environments
High-contrast OLED characters with green text on black background significantly increases display visibility in all light conditions, even under direct sun. The OLED display withstands a wide temperature range (-40° F to 185° F / -40° C to 85° C) increasing operator component reliability even in the most extreme environments.
Retrofit Kits will be Available
Retrofits will be available to upgrade established sites for ease of troubleshooting and maintenance. The OLED display will be required for compatibility with exciting upcoming HySecurity high tech accessories, such as the HyNet™ communications hub.

For more information please call us at 253-867-3700.