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Smart Touch Controller and Smart DC Controller Software Update

by Megan McBride- HySecurity
Smart Touch Controller and Smart DC Controller operator code has been released and is being shipped with all HySecurity gate operators and replacement controller boards as of January 23rd, 2017.

Operators Affected: All HySecurity gate operators.

Issue: The latest software release for HySecurity gate operators is now available. Download code you need from the HySecurity website:• h4.55 for Smart Touch Controllers (STC) hydraulic operators
• h5.56 for Smart DC Controllers (SDC) electro-mechanical
• v3.02 for S.T.A.R.T.

Latest Updates
• Software improvements - Changes reduce stress on drive components and improve operation during extremes in temperatures. Overall enhancements correlate to smoother gate operation, lower maintenance, and increased Controller reliability.
• Photo Eye Close Logic - The PEC logic for all swing gates and gate operator sites designated as Usage Class 3 or Usage Class 4 has changed. Previous versions of software would not allow a gate to start moving in the open direction if the Photo Eye Close was tripped. The new software versions do not block receipt of an open command on swing gates even if a tripped Photo Eye Close condition exists. The same applies to gate operators set to Usage Class 3 or Usage Class 4.
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