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TRB DOT 2017

Check out HySecurity’s StrongArmDOT 28 in booth #410 at the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) 96th Annual Meeting. 

Event location
Walter E. Washington Convention Center, in Washington, D.C.

Event date and time
January 8-12, 2017

Drop by our booth #410 to see the StrongArmDOT 28 operator in action. This ultra-durable barrier arm is specifically designed for Department of Transportation (DOT) and traffic applications where safety, functionality, long-life, and very low maintenance are demanded. StrongArmDOT features a "breakaway arm" that pivots and returns to its centered position after being hit, perfect for reversible traffic lanes, traffic metered highway on-ramps and other controlled roadway applications. More details on the StrongArmDOT 28 model here: StrongArmDOT 28

The TRB meeting covers all transportation issues, with more than 5,000 presentations in nearly 750 sessions. A number of sessions and workshops will focus on the meeting’s spotlight theme, Transportation Innovation: Leading the Way in an Era of Rapid Change. The meeting is expected to attract more than 12,500 transportation professionals from around the world. 

For more information visit www.trb.org