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Get Real Time Data from Your Operator

HyNet GatewayHyNet™ provides a real time connection to HySecurity intelligent automated gate operators, barrier arms and crash wedge barriers. Operators installed with HyNet Gateway are able to receive remote commands and updates, and communicate alerts, faults and errors via a built-in web interface and predict security breaches and integrate with your command and control system with Web Services API or SNMP.

  • Easily integrate your automated gate operator, barrier arm or crash wedge barrier with your Security Platform for complete perimeter security.
  • Provide a single communications and power source for access control and perimeter detection. Reduce redundancy and vulnerability. Includes operator, safety, loop, CCTV, fence detection, microwave and any other IP-addressable device.
  • Communicates critical gate system operational conditions in real time by drawing information from HySecurity Smart Touch and Smart DC gate operator intelligence.
  • Respond appropriately to events and alerts intelligently, quickly, and in real time with the confidence that your response is suitable to the need.
HyNet™ Gateway

Tap into HySecurity Gate Operator Intelligence

  • Remotely monitor the gate operator / security barrier
  • Remotely program your access control point
  • Control your HySecurity operator from your Security Platform
  • Remotely update software to your operator
  • Troubleshoot gate errors and faults
  • Review events and alerts
  • Check Cycle Count
  • View video from IP Camera
View the HyNet™ brochure for more detail