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SLIDESMART DC delivers a reliable UPS battery backed up chain-driven, electromechanical slide gate operator for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. An ice breaker mode powers through ice/snow buildup and a heavy duty, low flex and corrosion resistant chassis protects the equipment.
SlideSmart DC incorporates soft start, soft stop technology to gracefully operate gates up to 40 ft (12 m) in length and up to 1,500 lb (680 kg) with independently programmable open and close speeds.  Its sophisticated design allows the SlideSmart DC to manage, without a heater, in an exceptional range of temperature:  -13º to +158º F (-25º to +70º C).
UPS standard battery backup uses two 8Ah batteries for up to 4,000 ft of gate travel after AC power loss. Upgrade to 50Ah batteries with the Extended Battery Backup Kit for an exceptional 25,000 ft of gate travel after AC power loss.*
Field configurable to fail open or secure if batteries deplete.
The HySecurity designed intelligent, three stage charging system monitors battery condition to maximize battery life.

*Notes: Speed setting cannot be configured to exceed 1 ft/s for Usage Class I and II sites. 
Gate Weight Max.1,000 lb (453 kg)
Gate Length Max.40 ft (12 m)
Rate of Travel1.75, 2 or 2.25 ft/s (53, 61 or 69 cm/s)
Duty CycleContinuous*
Warranty5 year
Gate Weight Max.1,500 lb (680 kg)
Gate Length Max.40 ft (12 m)
Rate of Travel0.75, 1 or 1.25 ft/s (23, 30 or 38 cm/s)**
Duty CycleContinuous*
Warranty5 year / 7 year single-family residential