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If you can think it, you can do it

With HySecurity Smart Touch and Smart DC Controllers


Security and breach reporting
  • Tailgate monitoring 
  • Gate open too long
  • Unauthorized vehicle entry
  • Gate forced open
  • Vehicle loitering outside
  • Trigger external cameras, floodlights, sirens, flashers

Gate malfunction alert

  • Gate failure
  • AC power failure
  • Malfunction of vehicle detector or loop (requires HY-5A vehicle detector)

Gate operation and alerts

  • Gate fully closed
  • Gate fully opened
  • Gate partially opened
  • Gate external lock activation/deactivation
  • Easy integration with other gate operators, as a sally port or dual gate system
  • Easy installation configuration


  • Warn before and/or during operation buzzer
  • Turn on flashing lights before and/or during operation
  • Actuate siren or flashing light before and/or during operation
  • Safe mode: Gate edge or inherent entrapment sensor (IES) stops and reverses gate
  • Entrapment mode: Two successive IES sensor activations (gate hits) requires manual operator reset

Real time communication to site security system

  • Security breach or system operational malfunctions
  • RS 485 port for network protocols or connections
  • Ethernet available via converter
  • Dry contact connection to one or more Smart Touch user relays


Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool allows users to upload new operator software, download history or event logs, generate diagnostics, and program the operator.

Smart Touch Controller

High security sites require perimeter integration and communication with the facility security command and control system. HySecurity regularly adds the newest reporting and security event detection enhancements to operator software.  

Field updates by facility service technicians, are easily and quickly applied with the latest free software upgrade downloadable from HySecurity’s website.

For more information download a Smart Touch / Smart DC Controller Brochure