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Solar Ready
Every HySecurity Smart DCS operator is designed specifically for Solar applications
Smart DC solar operators are most often used in locations where AC power supply is not economical or is completely unavailable. HySecurity’s electromechanical line of slide, swing, barrier and wedge operators are all have DCS models, perfectly suited for Solar applications.

HySecurity Solar
HySecurity benefits:

  • HySecurity Smart DC gate operators utilize the latest in MPPT technology. This allows the gate operator to squeeze the most amount of energy out of the solar panels as possible.
  • A 50Ah battery option which provides six times the storage capacity of the standard batteries and supports more peripheral connections.
  • Long lasting permanently sealed AGM-type batteries which need no maintenance over their life span.
  • Storage of User and Installer menu configurations in non-volatile memory (EEPROM). Menu settings are saved if a power loss occurs and reinstated once power is restored.
  • Batteries are protected from over-discharge by a low voltage sensing circuit.
  • Smart DC Solar operators are designed for solar.

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