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SwingSmart DC
UPS battery backed-up, electromechanical swing gate operator for commercial and industrial applications
Unmatched 300 cycles after AC power loss-standard batteries
Exceptional 1,200 cycles after AC power loss-extended batteries
Moves 1,300 lb gate leaf
SmartSync synchronizes dual gates automatically for life of operators
Independent, field-adjustable open and close speeds
Intelligent charging system
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1500 Series
Adjustable automatic close timer
Adjustable force sensitivity for automatic safety reverse
Single or dual gate applications
Independent, field-adjustable open and close speeds on 1550 and 1551 models
Solar: 12 V battery (required). Operator can be charged by either solar or AC power.
Reliable in any condition: a fully charged deep cycle marine battery (recommended) will provide up to 300 cycles or 30 days usage on a basic system before requiring a recharge.
Easy install on most existing or new gates; practical external adjustment of the limit switches

Continuous duty, hydraulic, linear actuator for industrial applications
Moves heavy gates with confidence - up to 30ft/15,000 lb
10 to 30 second open/close time
Graceful, smooth swing
Proven reliable hydraulics
Intelligent charging system
Smart Touch Controller
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Limit Assembly: Visible tool-less adjustability
Secure: Key lockable manual release for access in no power situations and troubleshooting
Retrofit capability: Retrofit design for direct swap out with 816 and 416 actuator arms. The 912L actuator will bolt directly to the existing gate hardware.
Solar: 12 V battery (required). Operator can be charged by either solar or AC power.
Modular design: Quick-in-the-field replacement of:
  • 12VDC drive motor
  • Limit assembly
  • Screw driven piston arm

Extremely-reliable and elegant, continuous duty hydraulic swing gate operator for high security applications
Moves up to 16ft/3,000 lb (5 m/1,361 kg)
Graceful, smooth lift and swing clears obstacles like snow, rocks, curbs and road inclines
Raises gate leaf a full 12 inches during the gate open cycle
14 to 30 second open/close time
Proven reliable hydraulics
Lock gate mechanically with optional locking pin
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