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HydraSwing 150

HydraSwing 150
Heaviest duty, single leaf, 15,000 lb, Open/Close: 20-30 second
HYDRASWING 150 is a powerful, rugged, continuous duty, industrial grade, hydraulic, linear swing gate actuator for the heaviest gates. It exceeds all operator reliability, longevity, maintenance and security standards. Robust design and industrial grade components allow HydraSwing to move large, heavy swing gates and swing gates subject to peak wind loads.

Gracefully cycle an extremely heavy, up to 15,000 lb gate leaf in 20-30 seconds.* Maximum single leaf gate length is 40 ft wide. Extra robust 3/4 inch zinc plated steel chassis with black powder coated steel cover for a long lasting, durable, attractive finish. A separate HydraSupply enclosure contains Smart Touch Controller and hydraulic power unit. Proven reliable hydraulics and industrial grade components mean low maintenance and long operator life.

Easily configure gate operation to specific site requirements with unequalled Smart Touch Controller. PC software simplifies configuration and troubleshooting using Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool (S.T.A.R.T.). Upload latest software, troubleshoot system and save operator configurations. Programmable dual or sequenced gate integration. Three configurable user relays plus optional Hy8Relay™ - an accessory module providing eight additional programmable relay outputs.

Connect and Report: Optional web based HyNet™ Gateway connects the perimeter gates/barriers with your security monitoring station. Securely report gate system tailgating, gate hits, failure to operate, and more, in real time to maintain perimeter security. Additionally, configure email alerts to communicate issues to installer, facility or security responders.
Note: HydraSupply enclosure may be located up to 100 ft (30.5 m) from operator. For longer than 100 ft runs, call HySecurity for hose specifications. Up to 100 ft runs require 3/8 inch hose/fittings. Longer than 100 ft runs require 1/2 inch braided hose/fittings. For runs longer than 50 ft (15 m) AND installed in cold climates, which routinely get below 0° F (18° C), 1/2 inch hose is required. Operator price includes up to 50 ft (15 m) of 3/8 inch hydraulic hose (custom cut to size by HySecurity according to installer''s field measurements). Hoses are pre-filled with hydraulic fluid and supplied with quick disconnects. Submit completed and signed operator and hose order forms with each order.

To enable fully automatic operation, this gate operator requires a MINIMUM of one external entrapment protection sensor to monitor potential entrapment zones in either the open or close direction of travel. Visit www.hysecurity.com/gatesafety for more information on UL 325 standards and gate safety.

HySecurity offers an optional AC Power Supply w/HyInverter AC™ which provides UPS battery backup for 230V, single-phase AC gate operators.

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For the heaviest of gates
For the heaviest of gates