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SwingSmart DCS 20 Solar

SwingSmart DCS 20 Solar
Operate your energy efficient SwingSmart DCS with a solar panel.† MPPT solar battery charge regulator is integrated into the Smart DC controller, making installation as simple as connecting two wires. In locations with adequate sunshine, two 8Ah batteries provide up to 100 gate cycles per day. Upgrade to larger solar panels 50Ah batteries with the Extended Battery Backup Kit option for sites requiring more than 100 gate cycles per day and/or sites in less sunny climates. The HySecurity designed intelligent, three stage charging system monitors battery condition to maximize battery life.
† 40 Watt minimum 24VDC solar panel (or two 12V - 20W panels wired in series), not included but required for solar operation. Visit www.hysecurity.com or call for information on solar panel size calculations.

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