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AC Power Supply with HyInverter AC
AC Power Supply with HyInverter AC provides uninterrupted power backup for selected HySecurity and non-HySecurity AC gate operators when AC power is lost for any reason. This ultra-reliable battery backup option is often purchased as an option with an AC HySecurity hydraulic gate operator.
  • Keep your automated gate operating after AC power loss for added security
  • Backs up all HySecurity hydraulic Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) operators
  • Smart Charger optimizes battery life
  • Fast recharge after AC power restored
  • Easily retrofit to existing installations
  • Backs up non-HySecurity operators
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DC Power Supply with HyCharger DC
DC Power Supply with HyCharger DC provides a 24VDC UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) for HySecurity hydraulic industrial operators that have been specially built to run on 24VDC. The DC battery backup can only be integrated with DC motor-driven hydraulic industrial operators, thus, DC motor based hydraulic operators are purchased together with a DC Power Supply as an integrated pair. See individual hydraulic operator models for specifications.
  • Available as integrated UPS solution for nearly all HySecurity hydraulic operators
  • Available for input voltages of 115VAC or 208-230VAC 60Hz or 110VAC or 220VAC 50Hz
  • Redundant chargers double the reliability. 50A of 24VDC power is supplied on continuous basis to both motor drive circuit or charger circuit.
  • Burst mode supplies additional energy to gate operator, when needed
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