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WedgeSmart DC
Electromechanical wedge with barrier arm for parking, anti-theft and revenue control applications
Battery backed-up for continuous duty after AC power loss
Crash-rated FS30 stops a full size sedan traveling at 30 mph
Surface mount for easy, quick installation
Highly visible integrated, lighted barrier arm with bumper
Barrier arm only mode for high-cycle intervals
Solar model available
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HydraWedge SM50
Hydraulic anti-ram crash wedge for high security applications
HydraWedge SM50 crash wedge is winner of two top security awards
Three crash certifications, domestic and international, with no penetration
High cycle - fast throughput HydraWedge SM50 cycles thousands of times per day; one second EFO
Fast, two day installation – 12 inch shallow mount, minimal rebar
5-year warranty on hydraulics and electronics
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HydraSupply XL™
Universal* Wedge HPU Replacement retrofits most vehicle barrier HPUs at a fraction of the cost of complete wedge replacement
Two models: Single Acting (gravity down) and “Double Acting” systems
Heavy duty, up to thousands of cycles per day
3 - 5 seconds Open/Close and 1 - 2 second FAST EFO (dependent on wedge specs)
No crane required. Light enough to install with loader or forklift.
Small system footprint. Compact power and control design reduces system footprint to a fraction of competitors’
5-year warranty.  Unparalleled reliability.
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